Mission Statement

Children will learn the most when they are excited and where learning is fun.

We believe love of learning is the foundation of children’s development.



We believe that designing an environment for a successful learning experience is achievable when children are excited about learning and having fun.

One of our teaching approaches, based on the theory of Project Based Learning (PBL) encourages children to be actively involved in the learning processes. In order to experience a variety of activities appropriate to their age and rate of development as well as pursue their own interests in the context of life in their surrounding community and the world.

We also recognize the impact that free play makes on children’s healthy development. Therefore teachers will intentionally arrange their environment to encourage children to;

1. learn language,
2. stimulate their curiosity,
3. explore their surroundings,
4. gain social skills,
5. Attempt to problem solve,
6. develop gross and fine motor skills,
7. and gain self confidence.

Knowledge & Success

We also believe that families are children’s first teachers. Children will gain success in learning when families are actively involved in the environment. To be a primary bridge between home and LKA, we have created communication books for each child.

Lastly, we are taking advantage of our Japanese speaking teachers. Some of LKA’s teachers were born and raised in Japan. Therefore, being knowledgeable of the language and cultures, the Japanese teachers will speak to children in Japanese and Japanese cultural influence will be integrated into each classroom’s curriculum. In preschool, we have a Japanese day when a Japanese teacher will lead the class, and run the class completely in Japanese and teach language and culture.

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